Alfred’s Hawaiian Banana Mochi Pancakes

No doubt about it, mochi is the new trend in pancakes and waffles these days. Mochi is a sweet, glutenous rice flour that originated in China before making it’s way to Japan many years ago. Japanese bakers use mochi flour for many types of deserts and delectable candies so it was only natural for Alfred’s to combine the sweet properties of mochi into pancake and waffle mixes. The combination of mochi and pancake mix gives Alfred’s pancakes a crunchy on the outside yet distinctively chewy and elastic texture on the inside. The combination of the two makes for a totally unique breakfast experience that is both delicious and fun at the same time.

Alfred’s Hawaiian Mochi Banana pancake’s with a sprinkle of cinnamon, a light dusting of powered sugar and some banana slices and you have yourself a very gourmet style breakfast that’s simple, easy, affordable and, as we say in Hawaii; onolicious!