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Alfred’s Hawaiian Coffee has been an intricate part of our island landscape since 1983. Our years of experience in the agriculture industry give us an unparalleled  perspective in how coffee is grown, harvested, roasted and distributed. Alfred’s premium brand features coffee grown from all around the 50th State. Our coffee farmers are located on Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kauai and the island of Hawaii. The fertile soil and ideal tropical climate yields coffee beans with unique flavor characteristics that are based largely on the distinct microclimates that are specific to each island. We then combine our locally grown and roasted coffee beans with those from South America and other coffee producing regions of the world to create flavors that are rich, smooth and satisfying.     

Why we do it

One word: Passion

At Alfred’s, we all feel a special connection to this unique place many of us call paradise. The island culture, Hawaiian heritage and traditions and our love for all things coffee, are what drive us to share our tropical flavors with the world. 

Aloha spoken here

Ka’amaina’s (locals) and Malahini’s  (visitors) understand what makes Hawaii a special place. While we do have some of the best beaches, resorts and golf courses in the world, it is our people that make us who we are. We greet each other by saying “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “I love you” with one universally known Hawaiian word; A-L-O-H-A.

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